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No-Nik Stripper for 900 mm Fiber
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  • ST 0072 A No-Nik stripper for 900 mm fiber
Retractable Diamond Scribe
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  • RE 0006 A Retractable Diamond scribe
Universal Crimping Tool
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  • TO 0022 A Universal Crimping Tool
Loose Tube Stripper
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  • ST 0071 A Loose tube stripper
Snap Off Field Cleaver
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  • SN 0001 A Snap off field cleaver
Fiber Optic Cleaner
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  • FI 0011 A Fiber optic cleaner
Fiber Stripper for 250 mm Fiber
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  • MI 0013 A Miller Stripper for 250 mm Fiber
Fiber Termination Tool Kit

Kit includes :- Polishing paper 0.3 m, 1 m, 5 m, Opticure adhesive, Opticure primer, Syringes, Needle tips, Lint free wipes, Alcohol wipes, Alcohol bottle, Water bottle, Fiber debris disposal container, Safety glasses, Utility box, Felt tipped marker

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  • FI 0017 A Fiber termination tool kit
Cable Sheath Stripper
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  • CU 0001 A Cutter for cable dia 4 to 16mm
  • CU 0002 A Cutter for cable dia 8 to 28mm
Kevlar Shear
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  • KE 0001 A Kevlar Shear
Fiber Cable Preparation Tool Kit

Provides all tools for field preparation of optical fibers. The Kit includes Aluminium carrying case with carrying strap, Moulded workstation, Primary coating removal tool, Secondary coating removal tool, Loose tube cutter, Aramid yarn cutting tool, cable sheath remover, Pliers, Scissors, Heavy duty knife, Tweezers, Fiber cleaning solvent dispenser, Aerosol duster spray, Lint free wipes, PVC insulation tape, cable cutter, Central strength member cutter, Copper wire insulation removing tool, Hacksaw, Retractable steel rule, Screw driver, Marker pen, Tackle box

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  • FI 0012 A Fiber Splicing Tool Kit
Fiber Cleaver
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  • SI 0002 A Single Fiber Cleaver
  • RI 0001 A Ribbon Fiber Cleaver
Fiber Blowing Machine

The cable blowing machine, comprising an air box and cable pusher, has been designed to provide an effective and safe method of fiber optic cable installation.
The system installs fiberoptic cable of 6mm (0.25") to 32mm (1.25") overall diameter, at speeds up to 90m/min (300ft/min), into pre-installed ducts. The system operates on the viscous drag principle employing compressed air to install the cable, controlled and assisted by a belt drive system.
The cable is propelled by compressed air, fed into the duct on venturi principle, while the hydraulically powered belt drive system controls the fiberoptic cable. The electronic monitoring system provides read out of speed and distance, gives protection against duct obstructions and includes an emergency stop facility.
The system is mounted on an anti corrosion treated, sturdy, height adjustable, wheeled, tubular steel trolley. This allows the unit to be wheeled around on site. Power is provided by the C-1200 hydraulic petrol driven power pack.
Cable Blowing Machine is supplied with sub duct clamps, duct seal collets, cable collets assembly and cable seals to suit any size cable and duct.. Including a hydraulic power and connecting hoses. The machine is ready to commence cable blowing with the addition of an appropriate air compressor.

  • Power on/off button
  • Emergency stop button
  • Reset button
  • Combined length counter recording in metres (feet) and cable speed read out in metres/min (feet/min)
  • Hydraulic pressure read out dial
  • Air pressure read out dial
  • Hydraulic on/off control valve
  • Adjustable speed control for drive belts
  • Air supply control on/off with automatic exhaust function
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  • FI 0050 A Fiber Cable Blowing machine
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