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MTS-8000 is a compact and portable optical network tester with flexible scalable platform. The key feature is its industry leading size and weight. It is remotely controlled (via Ethernet, Fiber) With the MTS-8000’s scalable design, companies can match testing solutions of their unique network environments by purchasing only the features needed. This platform maximizes scalability, manageability, price/performance and flexibility. The powerful communication capability of the MTS8000 test platform offers users the abillity to remotely control the unit, send data directly to the office, or access the data via internet.
Fiber Characterization testing

  • Optical Time Domain Reectometer (OTDR)
  • Chromatic Dispersion (CD)
  • Polarization Mode Disperstion (PMD)
  • Attenuation Prole (AP)
  • Loss testing
OTDR Module
  • More than 20 OTDR modules
  • Combined wavelengths MM:850/1300 SM:1310/1383/1550/1625 nm
  • Dynamic range 30DB upto 50DB

    Product Code Discription
  • OT 0010 B OTDR MTS-8000 Complete set with carry case
OTDR -MT S-6000

MTS-6000 is a compact and light weight test platform designed for the installation and maintenance of fiber networks. It provides field service technicians with the highest levels of performance and upgradeability on the market today.
Modular in design,MTS-6000 offers an extensive portfolio of test functionality with over 40 different fiber modules supporting a wide range of applications.The versatality of the MTS-6000 allow technicians to standardize using one type of test equipment and then introduce new testing capabilities in the field without incurring additional costs
Since the MTS-6000 is compatible with our existing fiber module product line,technicians can exchange plug in modules between the MTS-8000,Multiple Network Test Platform and the MTS-6000 .To ensure the highest return on your test equipment existing OTDR modules from the MTS-5100 can be transformed (with extension) for use with the MTS6000

    Product Code Discription
  • OT 0010 A OTDR MTS-6000 Complete set with carry case
Auto Stripper (Strip + Clean + Cleave)

Heating Strip + Clean + Cleave
Excellent performance everywhere such in the manhole or up at the telegraph pole, in a flat!
High Productivity

  • Covers the time for Stripping, Cleaning and Cleaving less than 7 secs
  • Skill free for beginner, no training cost required
  • No matter where the performance in the manhole, up at the telegraph pole, in a flat
  • Easy operation, Save the time of work
  • Available 3 Operations (Stripping + Cleaning + Cleaving) within one tool
  • Portable and easy operation and maintenance
  • One action cleaving & fiber trash collected automatically
  • Compatible with all splicers in the market today
  • Can be used both for single mode and for multimode fibers
High Quality
  • High tensile strength due to no cracking
  • Remarkably improved end face without cracks as being controlled by a damper
Safe & Environment Friendly
  • Uninflammable, using ensolv
  • Fiber trash collected automatically

    Product Code Discription
  • TO 0108 A Tool, Auto Stripper (Strip, Clean,
    Cleave-3 in 1)
Cable and Antena Analyser

This cable and antena analyzer is a light weight portable diagnostic tool that accurately detects operational problems in the infrastructure of the base station and repeaters.
It has all of the measurement functions necessary to accuratley characterize the site’s antenna system,including Voltage Standing Wave Ratio(VSWR),Distance To Fault(DTF),cable loss and power measurements.
Frequency range is from 40MHZ to 4.0GHZ Rechargable and field replacable Lithium-ion-Battery It is easy to use, equipped with touch panel colour display allowing rapid measurements and obtaining results clearly displayed. Its application specific software allows the user to compare and analyze measurements and generate professional reports.

    Product Code Discription
  • CA 1233 B Cable and Antenna analyzer Complete set
Power Meter

Industry’s first auto-zeroing function provides outstanding accuracy with no manual zeroing necessary. Illuminated graphical user interface displays all necessary parameters and upto 3 test results simultaneously. Upto 900 calibrated wavelengths for the highest performance range in the industry. A large storage capability for upto 1000 results with automatic date/time stamp. A usb port for remote operation as well as easy microsoft excel based report generation and analysis A unique power supply management system on the market with 4 different ways of powering units A robust,shock-proof and splash-proof design for field operation

    Product Code Discription
  • PO 0046 A Power meter 780-1600nm,-70 to +20dbm sm-mm
  • PO 0045 A Power meter 1310/1490/1550 nm sm
Light Source

Laser source with upto four wavelengths offers flexibillity in singlemode and multimode applications. The available nominal wavelengths are 1310 and 1550nm. Nominal output power is -7.0 dbm to 0 dbm, seperately adjustable. High output level stability due to built in optical isolator and optical power control. Powered by 4 dry batteries mignon/AA, operating time is above 45 hours. The instrument switches off automatically after 20 min.

    Product Code Discription
  • LI 0006 B Single mode light source 1310/1550nm,universal adapter
Visual Fault Finders

Used to quickly locate bending loss and breaks in optical fibers, and to identify bad connectors.

  • 635nm red laser makes fiber breaks and bending losses easily visible.
  • Stable, Calibrated output.
  • Continuous and blinking wave output
  • Optional AC power converter/Adapter available for bench top or prolonged use
  • Rugged and splash proof.
  • Available with FC/PC or MTRJ adapters.
  • Range upto 3 KM
  • More than 30 hours of continuous operation

    Product Code Discription
  • VI 0005 A FC/PC , 3 KM , SM, MM
  • VI 0006 A MT-RJ , 1 KM , MM
Bare Fiber Adapter

Allows temporary connection of 125 micron multimode or single mode fiber to measuring equipments. Includes a durable 2.5mm tungsten carbide ferrule and a ferrule cleaning tool.

    Product Code Discription
  • BA 0003 A 125 mm, FC style connector
Visual Fault Finder

Fiber breaks,microbends and poor optical splices are clearly visible as light glows through the fiber buffer or outer jacket.

  • Rugged metal housing, pen size-format.
  • Light weight.
  • Universal push-pull interfaces(upp) for 2.5mm and 1.25mm.
  • Optional AC power converter/Adapter available for bench top or prolonged use
  • Visible laser light at 635 nm.
  • Usable with single mode and multi mode fibres
  • Range upto 5 km.
  • Operates for over more than 45 hours.

    Product Code Discription
  • VI 0007 B Pen size visual fault locator
Single Mode Loss Tester

Packaged to operate in specific fiber applications, accurate attenuation measurements in minimum Wavelength range is about 800 - 1625nm Source has stable,Calibrated output and rugged to easy use.

    Product Code Discription
  • LO 0016 A Loss test with charger adapter
Fiber Micro Scope
    Product Code Discription
  • MI 0009 A 200 X Microscope
  • MI 0010 A 400 X Microscope
Multifunction Loss Tester

This multifunction loss test set offers a highly versatile handheld test instrument which has been specially developed in response to those industry standards Easy-to-use all-in-one prepackaged kit FTTx ready by integrating dedicated wavelengths (1310/1490/1550) for PON testing as well as an optimised test sequence for increased field productivity 0.01db display resolution

    Product Code Discription
  • LO 0039 A Multi function loss test set with
    (soft carry case,adapter)
Fiber Identifier

Interchangeable head for ribbon, jacketed and coated fibers allow virtually any fiber to be identified

    Product Code Discription
  • FI 0009 A Range - (0 ,–40 dBm)
  • FI 0010 A Range - (0 ,–40 dBm) with relative power
  • FI 0008 A Range - (+20 ,–20 dBm)
Fiber Talk set

  • Clear digital voice transmission
  • Hands free operation
  • Rugged casing

    Product Code Discription
  • TA 0002 B 1550nm,45db
  • TA 0002 A 1310nm,30db
Fiber Optic Couplers
    Product Code Discription
  • CO 0161 A SM, 1 x 2 Coupler
  • CO 0162 A SM, 1 x 4 Coupler
  • CO 0163 A SM, 1 x 8 Coupler
  • CO 0158 A MM, 1 x 2 Coupler
  • CO 0159 A MM, 1 x 4 Coupler
  • CO 0160 A MM, 1 x 8 Coupler
Wavelength Division Multiplexer

Two different wavelength carrying different information is coupled to a single fiber. Increases the effciency of the network. It is available in different standard connectors and wavelengths. Widely used in Telecommunication, CATV networks

    Product Code Discription
  • WA 0022 A 980/1550 1 x 2 multiplexer
  • WA 0023 A 980/1550 2 x 2 multiplexer
  • WA 0018 A 1310/1550 1 x 2 multiplexer
  • WA 0019 A 1310/1550 2 x 2 multiplexer
  • WA 0020 A 1480/1550 1 x 2 multiplexer
  • WA 0021 A 1480/1550 2 x 2 multiplexer
Test Fiber

Test fiber is a spool of Optical fiber with a length ranging from 300 meter to 5 kilometer length in a box. This is used for accurate OTDR & other optical fiber measurements. A standard test fiber at the beginning of a fiber span will protect the actual fiber from falling into the dead zone of the instrument.

  • Used to remove the “dead zone” from OTDR measurements
  • Used as calibration comparison for OTDR measurements
  • Single mode or Multi mode fiber available.
  • Can be terminated with any style connector.
  • Impact and crush resistant packing.
    Product Code Discription
  • TE 0014 A SM 300 M Test fiber box
  • TE 0013 A SM 1000 M Test fiber box
  • TE 0015 A SM 5000 M Test fiber box
  • TE 0011 A MM 300 M Test fiber box
  • TE 0010 A MM 1000 M Test fiber box
  • TE 0012 A MM 5000 M Test fiber box
Fusion Splicer Machine - Keyman S 1

Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer
The Keyman S1 Arc Fusion Splicer adopts advanced DCA (Direct Core-to-Core Alignment system) with field engineer ergonomic friendly style, compact sized (include monitor, only 150 x 190 x 120mm) and Light Weight (include battery 2.6Kg), Fast (Splice Time: 9sec, tube heat time:26sec) and ECO-friendly RoHS compliant.

  • Slide in 5.6” Color Monitor
  • Dual Tube Heater
  • Innovative Sleeve Loader
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Large Capacity Battery & Level Meter
  • Light Weight
  • Compact Size
  • Alignment : Core-to-Core Alignment
  • Applicable Fibers : SMF(ITU-T G.652), MMF(ITU-T G.651), DSF(ITU-T G.653), NZDSF(ITU-T G.655)
  • Fiber cleave Length : 250um (Coat): 8 ~ 16mm; 250um ~ 1000um: 16mm
  • Typical splice Loss : SMF: 0.02dB, MMF: 0.01dB, DSF: 0.04Db, NZDSF: 0.04dB
  • Return Loss : > -60dB
  • Splice Time (typical) : SPLICE: 9sec, Tube Heat: 26sec with S-160(60mm) Tube
  • Program : SPLICE mode: 40: Heat mode: 13
  • Operating Altitude : 0 ~ 5000 m above sea level
  • Operating Temperature : -10 ~ +50?C 95% RH (non-condensing)
  • Wind Protection : 15m/s
  • Power : DC 14.8V Battery (5600 mAhr), 100 ~ 240VAC Charger
  • Battery Life (typical) : 100 cycle with S-1B, 300 cycle with S-SB
  • Electrode : > 3000 times
  • Tension Test : 2N / (4.4N-Optional)
  • Size (mm) : 150 x 190 x 120
  • Weight (g) : 2.6Kg (with battery)
    Product Code Discription
  • FU 0009 A Fusion Splicer-keyman S1
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