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Earthing Wire with Cable Sheath Clips

Stranded copper wire, used with crimp-on connecting clips to provide connection facility Color: yellow-green

    Product Code Discription
  • EA 0062 A : Earth wire 2.5 mm2 with 2 sheath Clips 250 mm Length
  • EA 0063 A : Earth wire 2.5 mm2 with 2 sheath Clips 500mm Length
  • EA 0064 A : Earth wire 2.5mm2 with 2 sheath Clips 1000mm Length
Earthing Strand

Material: Galvanized steel wires, twisted together to form a strand. Used to electrically earth cabinets, and distribution points.

    Product Code Discription
  • EA 0057 A : Earth Strand Wire galvanized 7 x 2.5mm x 100m(L)
Sheath Connector Clips

Material: tinned copper Used to provide connection facility for earthing wire and terminal ground lugs

    Product Code Discription
  • CL 0149 A : Clip, Sheath connector
Earth Rod

Material: Mild Steel Used for earthing strand connected to DP boxes

    Product Code Discription
  • EA 0089 A Earth rod tubular HD Galvanized 17mm (OD) x 1m (L)
  • EA 0087 A Earth rod solid HD Galvanized 20mm (OD) x 1m (L)
Earth Spike & Sleeve

Sleeve is used as coupling between 2 tubular earth rods. Spike is used as clamp & driving stud for tubular earth rods.

    Product Code Discription
  • SP 0011 A Sleeve for earth rod tubular
  • SP 0047 A Spike for earth rod tubular
Clamp, Earth Rod

Clamp, connecting earthing strand to solid earthing rod A galvanized steel clamp, oblong shape and hollow, equipped with one hexagonal head tightening screw to provide solid attachment of earthing strand to the earthing rod.

    Product Code Discription
  • CL 0064 A Clamp, Earth rod galvanized
Bonding Ribbon

Made of high quality, flat, seamless annealed tinned copper. It is used for providing a common electrical bonding facility for all cables and joints in manholes or cable vaults

    Product Code Description
  • BO 0075 A Bonding Ribbon 12 (W) x 1 (T) x 20 m (L)
Clamp, Bonding Ribbon

Galvanized steel, Used for fixing bonding ribbon to walls of manholes and cable vaults.

    Product Code Discription
  • CL 0009 A Clamp, Bonding Ribbon
Moisture Barrier/Bullet Bond Clamp

Used over the aluminum screen of cable moisture barrier to provide electrical continuity of cable sheath across the joint.

    Product Code Description
  • CL 0011 A Clamp, Bullet bond
Clamp, Wall DP

Clamp, Wall DP is made of galvanized die cast iron and it is used to terminate
DP’s and ground rod’s earth wire

    Product Code Description
  • CL 0111 A Clamp, Wall DP
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