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The Duct Cable Rollers are usually used where cable pulling applications are done in ducts. Duct Cable Rollers mainly consist of two types of equipments. i.e. Bellmouth without Roller and Bellmouth with Roller.


Both these serve the same purpose of ensuring maximum safety to both the cables and the ducts whilst pulling along ducts. The Bellmouths are placed at the ducts entrance or end of the ducts. Customers may choose either one of the Bellmouths depending upon their requirement and the size of the duct. The Bellmouths can also be made in different sizes or dimensions as per customer request. The Bellmouth with Rollers can be provided in two types as illustrated below. The Rollers are placed above the Bellmouths to make sure that the pulling of the cables is more easy and smooth in the ducts. Sizes can be made right from 76mm upto 210mm.

The Guide Rollers are generally used at the entrance of the manhole in order to reduce the damage which is caused on the ropes or cables while pulling without the usage of rollers. The Guide Rollers mainly consist of Rollers which are either made of cast iron or made of Nylon. They are placed on a Hot Dip Galvanised Frame.


The Guide Roller with angled base is usually placed at places where the ropes or cables have to be pulled around the manhole corners. The roller meanwhile swivels according to the direction of the pulling thereby creating flexibility and ease of pulling around corners.

The Cable protection with 4 guide rollers type mainly consist of four rollers which are placed in a square shaped format. The rollers are then attached onto a steel base through which ropes or cables can be pulled. This is a type of roller which has to be used at the duct’s entrance to ensure maximum protection to the cables or ropes when being pulled. This roller is provided only in Galvanised finish, but is provided in different sizes depending upon the size of the cable and the size of the duct. The sizes start from 110mm and can be given upto 200mm.

Bell Mouth Without Roller

Material is provided only in Galvanised form. Sizes given for start from 76mm upto 210mm.

NOTE: Other sizes can be made as well based on customers request.

Bell Mouth With Roller

Material is provided only in Galvanised form. Sizes available from 76mm upto 210mm.

Manhole Guide Roller

Rollers can be provided both in Galvanised or in Nylon model as well.

Length - 290mm Width-250mm Height-260mm Weight- 15.0kg

Guide Roller With Angled Base

Material is provided only in Galvanised form.

Length - 300mm Width-245mm Height-250mm Weight- 14.5kg

Cable Protection With 4 Guide Rollers

Material is provided only in Galvanised form. Sizes given for start from 110mm upto 200mm.


Manhole guide rollers are used at the manhole entrance to avoid damage to the rope and used to guide draw ropes and cable ropes. The Heavy Duty Guide Rollers unlike the normal guide rollers are also used to lay the cable on overhead cable trays.

The Normal Guide Rollers consists of a Roller which is made of Aluminium and is then attached onto a frame which is Hot Dip Galvanised. While the Heavy Duty Manhole Guide Roller are made of three Rollers which are made from Precision Steel Solid and is then placed on a Galvanised Frame which is bent on a 45 degree angle to facilitate placing on overhead cable trays while placing cables.

The Swivel Links are mainly designed for underground cable pulling applications. The Swivel Links are attached to the Pulling Grips/Socks which are covered around the cables especially in case of pulling in deep underground locations. This helps in the cable pulling to be safe and smooth. Each Swivel Links are produced in different dimensions or tonnes based on the break load and the pin diameter. Even if the load rating is exceeded, the interior break pin fractures, the swivel separates, and the cable remains undamaged. Swivels are provided only in Galvanised finish.

Manhole Guide Roller

Material is provided only in Galvanised form

Length - 300mm Width-1500mm Height-150mm Weight-3kg

Manhole Guide Roller - Heavy Duty

Material is provided only in Galvanised form.

Length - 560mm Width-550mm Angle - 45 Degrees

Swivel Link

Material is provided only in Galvanised form.

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