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Duct Spacer

  • Used to uniformly separate the 110mm ducts in the trench
  • Manufactured from PP / PS chemically resistant & non-degradable
  • Inter-connectable to adjacent spacer

    Product Code Discription
  • SP 0001 A Spacer, 4”1 way Base
  • SP 0002 A Spacer, 4”2 way Base
  • SP 0003 A Spacer, 4”2 way Intermediate
  • SP 0061 B Spacer, 4”1 way Base locking type
  • SP 0062 B Spacer, 4”1 way Intermediate locking type
  • SP 0076 A Spacer, 2”3 way Base
  • SP 0077 A Spacer, 2”3 way Intermediate
Bend, PVC

Material: PVC Used to provide a directional change to the duct run

    Product Code Discription
  • BE 0024 A Bend, 90º PVC x 1m (L) –Black
  • BE 0023 A Bend, 45º PVC x 1m (L) –Black
  • BE 0031 A Bend, 22.5º PVC x 1m(L)–Black
Eye nut, Duct Plug

  • Mechanical device expansion type, used to seal the 4” / 110mm duct from entry of water
  • Easy installation & removal by hand, without use of hand tools
  • Ducts inner diameter range 99mm to 109mm
  • Materials used (PVC & EPDM Rubber) are chemically resistant & non-degradable
  • Rope/Cord can be tied to the “Eye” provided on inner side

    Product Code Discription
  • EY 0003 A Eye nut, Duct Plug 102mm
  • EY 0007 A Eye nut, Duct Plug 22-24mm
Plug, Expansion Duct

Plug, Expansion Duct is a mechanical device used to seal the duct from the entry of water. It is able to install and remove by simple hand tool.

    Product Code Discription
  • PL 0071 A Plug, Expansion Duct 110mm
Duct Sealing Kit

Duct Sealing Kit prevents water and other liquids from running out of a cable duct and entering a manhole or central office.

    Product Code Discription
  • DU 0007 A Duct Sealing Kit
Duct, Pre-Lubricated

Material: HDPE Permanently pre-lubricated duct for fibre optic cables

    Product Code Discription
  • LU 0004 A 33(OD) x 26(ID) x 3(T) x 6m(L)
  • LU 0003 A 40(OD)x 33(ID) x 3.5(T) x 6m(L)
End, Caps for Duct

End caps are used to close the sub duct and mini duct end. End caps are made of suitably compounded rubber with a provision to attach the draw cord

    Product Code Description
  • CA 0959 A End, Cap 32mm sub duct
  • CA 0960 A End, Cap 40mm sub duct
  • CA 1268 A End, Cap 50mm mini duct
  • CA 1300 A End, Cap 25mm sub duct
  • CA 1301 A End, Cap 20mm sub duct
Duct PVC

Material: uPVC PVC ducts are used for conduit constructions and will be laid in sand bed or encased in concrete at depths of approximately 0.5 - 2.0 m.

    Product Code Discription
  • DU 0013 A Duct PVC, 110(OD) x 3.2 (T) x 6m (L)
  • DU 0043 A Sub Duct HDPE, 32(OD) x 2 (T)
  • DU 0044 A Sub Duct HDPE, 50(OD) x 2 (T)
Duct Steel

Material: Seamless Galvanized Pipe Used to protect underground telecommunication cables in applications such as bridges and the road crossings in the telecom network.

    Product Code Description
  • DU 0014 A 110mm Ø x 6m (L)
Duct Donut Spacer

With the Duct Donut Spacer you can save time and effort. Your duct bank can be easily pre-assembled outside of the trench. You can also attain either 1" or 3" separation with the same spacer.

Up to one third less spacers required on many jobs -- don't over-order Do more work outside the ditch instead of down inside Just slide them on and you have proper duct spacing in every direction -- and from sides and bottom of trench

Place them anywhere along the run -- they don't have to be stacked -- this eliminates danger of shear plane in meeting seismic specifications Easy flow of concrete thru spacers in the pour Fits all types of conduit. Sizes for conduits 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 inches Snap out feature allows conversion from 3" separation to 1 1/2" separation.

    Product Code Discription
  • SP 0003 B Duct donut Spacer
Utility Duct Spacer

  • Resistant to Extreme Temperature Fluctuations
  • *Constructed of High Impact Polymers
  • Available in 16 Sizes & 18 Pre-Assembled Configurations
  • Snap-Loc Design for Fast Field Assembly
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Proven Design
  • No Banding Required
  • Ensures Accurate Duct Separation

    Product Code Description
  • SP 0003 C Utility Duct Spacer
Duct Spacer

Hi-Impact Utility Duct Spacers have been the choice for contractors for nearly two decades; utilizing a proven two-piece design specifically engineered to support duct arrays within trenching prior to encasement, these sturdy, versatile and light-weight spacers will not shift under the weight of your workmen and stay firmly in place during fill.

  • Resistant to Extreme Temperature Fluctuations
  • Constructed of High Impact Polymers
  • Available in 16 Sizes & 18 Pre-Assembled Configurations

    Product Code Description
  • SP 0003 D Duct Spacer
Tripplex Duct Plug

Triplex duct plugs are split plugs for sealing around, organizing, and supporting up to three sub ducts, pipes, or cables. The plugs are designed for use in round openings such as conduits, conduit fittings, and core-drilled wall penetrations. Effective longterm water-tight and air-tight seals, these products also prevent mud, backfill, and slurry from entering handholes, manholes, and buildings during the construction process.

Triplex Duct Plugs Features
Split design for retrofitting without disassembly Anchor and organize sub ducts or multiple duct systems Eliminate duct-edge abrasion to cables Expandable gasket allows for expansion and contraction of cables or sub ducts without leakageExcellent for supporting cables at the tops of riser.

    Product Code Description
  • PL 0071 C Tripplex Duct Plug
Tapered Plugs


  • Available from 1/2 ” to 6”
  • Tapered Slide Walls Ensure Tight Seal
  • Ribbed Slide Walls Ensure Tight Seal
  • Extended Base Lip for Easy Removal
  • Maintains Shape in Extreme Environments

    Product Code Description
  • CA 1306 A Tapered Plug 4” (110mm) -White
Blank duct Plugs


  • High-impact plastic components, combined with durable elastic gaskets
  • Corrosion proof and effective as long-term or temporary seals
  • Water-tight and gas-tight
  • Equipped with a rope tie device to allow the securing of pull rope to the plug's back compression plate
  • Removable and reusable

    Product Code Description
  • PL 0104 A Duct Inside Diameter Range 24-
  • PL 0103 A Duct Inside Diameter Range 38-
  • PL 0105 A Duct Inside Diameter Range 100-
Mini Tube Duct Plug & Square Duct Plugs
    Product Code Description
  • PL 0071 D Mini tube Duct Plug
  • PL 0071 E Square Duct Plugs
Cement, PVC

Cement, PVC is solvent cement used for joining PVC ducts (bell and spigot ends) and fittings

    Product Code Description
  • CE 0002 A Cement, PVC 0.5Kg/can
  • CE 0003 A Cement, PVC 1Kg/can
Cleaner, PVC
    Product Code Description
  • CL 0113 A Cleaner, PVC 1Kg/can

Ropes are made of Ultra Violet Polypropylene (PP) and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) are available in following sizes. Used for pulling cables & other industrial applications

    Product Code Description
  • RO 0120 A Rope, Twisted 2mm x 1000m(L)
  • RO 0121 A Rope, Twisted 3mm x 1000m(L)
  • RO 0124 A Rope, Twisted 4mm x 500m(L)
  • RO 0123 A Rope, Twisted 6mm x 1000m(L)
  • RO 0116 A Rope, Twisted 8mm x 300m(L)
  • RO 0118 A Rope, Twisted 10mm x 500m(L)
Cable Pulling Lubricant

Directions : As cable or wire drawn into conduit, apply ClearGlide‘ Lubricant with hands, brush or pump

  • The premier brand of wire lubricant for super fast pulls of electrical and telecommunications cables.
  • Compatible with all Cable Jackets including lowdensity polyethylene per ASTM D – 1693
  • Lubricant is stable upto 180° F
  • Freezes at 30° F
  • When it dries, it becomes a semi- fluid that won’t clog conduit
  • Non-Corrosive, Non-toxic and Non-flammable
  • Environmentally safe
  • Cleans up fast with soap and water
  • Application by hand, brush or pump

    Product Code Description
  • LU 0015 B Lubricant, Cable Pulling 5 Gallon
Duct Rod

Duct Rod or Conduit Rod A high quality rod, designed for heavy-duty applications. It gets its extra strength from a unique construction process that ensures greater rigidity and strength, enabling it to endure the additional force required for long duct runs with multiple bends and sweeps. A braided wrap of reinforcing fibers increases its rigidity and helps bond the core with the outer plastic coating. The coating is made from a polymer blend for greater toughness and superior abrasion resistance to ensure extra long life. Includes one male and one female end fitting, and a tapered head. It is an ideal and fast way of installing draw ropes and winch ropes into ducts, ready for cable pulling operations. Duct rod comes complete on a mobile frame.

    Product Code Description
  • DU 0004 C Duct Rod 11mm x 150m(L)
  • DU 0005 C Duct Rod 11mm x 300m(L)
Duct Rod Rigid PVC

Duct rod rigid PVC available in two and three meter lengths. The joint is commonly known as the ferret type which operates on the principles of a spring loaded pin engaging into a matting hole. When the joints are screwed together the trigger which is flush with the body of the joint is pressed for quick release.

    Product Code Description
  • DU 0002 A Duct Rod Rigid PVC 24mm x 2m
  • DU 0003 A Duct Rod Rigid PVC 24mm x 3m
Sub Duct Anchor Plug (Open Type) Quadplex

Removable and reusable duct seal holds inner duct securely and prevents migration. Easy installation requires no foam or chemicals.

    Product Code Description
  • SU 0011 A Sub Duct Anchor Plug 4 holes x 32mm x 110mm
Sub Duct Anchor Plug

Sub Duct Anchor designed to seal end of the PVC ducts. Expansion of the anchor is achieved by pressing the rubber between metallic washers.

    Product Code Description
  • SU 0001 A Sub Duct Anchor Plug 3 x 40 x
    110 mm
  • SU 0003 A Sub Duct Anchor Plug 4 x 40 x
    110 mm
Duct Mandrel

Heavy duty with pulling eyes on each end for removing obstructions from the duct. Body made of mild steel

    Product Code Description
  • MA 0012 A Mandrel, Duct Steel 95mm - HDG
  • MA 0015 A Mandrel, Duct Steel 90mm - HDG
Wire Brush Mandrel

Plastic bristles with a pulling eye on each end. Easily removes sand, grit and other light obstructions from the duct of 4” / 110mm

    Product Code Description
  • BR 0020 A Brush, Plastic Bristles 95mm OD
Heavy Duty Wire Brush Mandrel

Heavy duty with pulling eyes on each end for removing obstructions from the duct of 4” / 110mm

    Product Code Description
  • BR 0021 A Brush, Wire Mandrel Heavy Duty
    95mm OD
Nylon Mandrel

With pulling eyes on each end for testing obstructions from the duct. Body made of Nylon

    Product Code Description
  • MA 0063 A Mandrel, Duct Nylon-Ball Type 90mm-HDG
  • MA 0064 A Mandrel, Duct Nylon-Cylindrical Type 90mm-HDG
Corrugated Duct (Fire Resistant)

Corrugated duct is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is intended to be placed inside of existing innerduct. It is ideal for pulls under 1000ft. and is designed to reduce surface contact when pulling cable. This lightweight product offers maximum flexibility, and allows for installation in small or restricted areas. Corrugated duct is available in 1”, 11/4”, 11/2” & 2” The standard color is orange. Slit Duct also available.

    Product Code Description
  • DU 0023 A 1” X 50M- with slit
  • DU 0023 B 1” X 50M- without slit
  • DU 0024 A 1.25” X 50M- with slit
  • DU 0029 A 1.25” X 50M without slit
  • DU 0025 A 1.5” X 50M- with slit
  • DU 0026 A 2” X 50M- with slit
  • DU 0026 B 2” X 50M- without slit
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