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2 Pair Distribution Box for STB Module

Suitable for indoor/outdoor application, the box body is made of Polycarbonate or ABS.

    Product Code Discription
  • DP 0013 A Material PC 105 x 65 x 60mm
  • DP 0012 A Material ABS 105 x 65 x 60mm
  • DP 0014 A Material PC 150 x 100 x 60mm
10 Pair Distribution Box for STB Module

10Pair,Polycarbonate Distribution Box is suitable for Indoor/outdoor installation. It has provision to mount 10 STB modules in 2 columns for water proof connection to subscribers.

    Product Code Discription
  • DP 0007 A Material PC with 195 x 195 x 85mm STD Rail
  • DP 0006 A Material PC 195 x 195 x 85mm
2 Pair Water Proof Type Distribution Box

Suitable for indoor/outdoor applications, the body iswaterproof & is made of Polycarbonate.

    Product Code Discription
  • DP 0015 A Material PC 100 x 80 x 53mm
4 Pair Distribution Box for STB Module

4 Pair DB is made of Polycarbonate, it has provision to mount 4 STB modules, railmounted.

    Product Code Discription
  • DP 0024 A Material PC 180 x 140 x 70mm
10 Pair Distribution Box for STB Module with Special rail

Suitable for indoor/outdoor installations, it has provision to mount 10 STB modules. The box body is made of Polycarbonate and it come along with special rail.

    Product Code Discription
  • DP 0008 A Material PC with 195 x 195 x 85mm Spl rail
6 & 12 Pair Distribution Box for STB Module compactable 5pair and 10 pair

The box body is made of Polypropylene, it is for both 6 & 12 pair STB modules and also compactable for 5 & 10 pair.

    Product Code Discription
  • DP 0005 A Material PP 225 x 200 x 85mm
10Pair DB Box (Snap Locking Type)

Indoor 10pair D.B for 10pair IDC module with snap locking mechanism, material is ABS.

    Product Code Description
  • DP 0004 A 10Pair Material ABS 160 x 85 x 55mm
50Pair Indoor Distribution Box

50pair Indoor D.B suitable for indoor installation & made of ABS which can take upto 5 modules of 10pair.

    Product Code Discription
  • DP 0028 A 50Pair Material ABS 190 x 205 x 105mm
20Pair DB Box (Screw Locking Type)

20pair D.B box having Provision for 2 x 10pair modules in 2 columns and is made of ABS material with screw locking mechanism.

    Product Code Description
  • DP 0011 A 20Pair Material ABS 170 x 120
    x 35mm
30Pair DB Box (Snap Locking Type)

30pair D.B box in which 10, 20 or 30pair IDC T.B can be installed with snap lock mechanism, the box body is made of ABS & of size 150 x 105 x 55mm.

    Product Code Discription
  • DP 0019 A 30Pair – Material ABS 150 x 105 x 55mm
  • DP 0020 A With 1 way 10Pair Frame 150 x 105 x 55mm
  • DP 0021 A With 2 way 10Pair Frame 150 x 105 x 55mm
30, 50Pair Distribution Box

30, 50pair D.B box for 10pair IDC connection & disconnection modules is made of ABS, it has provision for screw lock or key lock & the size is 180 x 170 x 75mm.

    Product Code Description
  • DP 0018 A 30Pair Screw Lock Type-ABS 180 x 170 x 75mm
  • DP 0017 A 30Pair with Key Lock Type 180 x 170 x 75mm
  • DP 0027 A 50Pair Screw Lock Type 180 x 170 x 75mm
  • DP 0026 A 50Pair with Key Lock Type 180 x 170 x 75mm
100Pair Indoor Distribution Box

100pair D.B made of ABS & having provision for 10 modules of 10pair IDC. It has lock & key and suitable gromets for incoming & outgoing cables

    Product Code Description
  • DP 0002 A 100Pair Material ABS 275x205
  • CA 1131 A 0.5mm x 4Pr x1000m Filled
30 Pair DB Box

Outdoor 30pair D.B made of ABS & suitable for 10, 20 or 30 IDC modules, it has lock & key for protection a g a i n s t vandalism.

    Product Code Description
  • DP 0016 A 30Pair Material ABS 171x140x75mm
50Pr Outdoor DB Box

Suitable for pole or wall mounting outdoor type installation for 10- 50pair IDC connection & d i s c o n n e c t i o n modules and it has space to accommodate Protection Magazines.

    Product Code Description
  • DP 0029 A 50Pair Material PC 195x195x85mm
30Pr Outdoor DB Box

Suitable for wall & pole mounting Applicable for connection, disconnection, and drop wire module

    Product Code Description
  • DP 0022 A 30Pair Material PC 240x165
30 Pair Outdoor Distribution Box

This is made of Polycarbonate and is used for all outdoor installations.

    Product Code Description
  • DP 0023 A 30Pair – 275 x 205 x 80mm
  • DP 0009 A 10Pair – 160 x 115 x 85mm
  • DP 0031 A 05Pair Material PC – 160 x 115 x 85mm
100Pr Outdoor Distribution Box

Suitable for all Outdoor installations for 10-100pair and the box body is made of Polycarbonate

    Product Code Description
  • DP 0003 A 100Pair Material PC 350x190x95mm
50Pair & 100Pair Distribution Box
    Product Code Description
  • DP 0025 A 50Pair: 209x209x75mm
  • DP 0001 A 100Pair: 320x215x75mm
DP Indoor 10 Pair Screw Type
    Product Code Description
  • DP 0057 A DP, Indoor 10Pair with Cable 6m(L) 190x95x45mm
DP Indoor 30Pair Screw Type
    Product Code Description
  • DP 0041 A DP, Indoor 30Pair with Cable 6m (L) 245 x 190 x 50mm
DP Indoor 20 Pair Screw Type
    Product Code Description
  • DP 0038 A DP, Indoor 20Pair with Cable 6m
    (L) 190 x 180 x 45mm
DP, Wall / Aerial

DP, Wall is both wall-mountable and pole mountable and provides 10pairs of connection for termination and distribution. It can be supplied with or without stub cables and has provision for mounting of over voltage protectors. Its protective black cover, made of polyethylene, keeps away dust, insects, and corrosion

DP, Wall consists of a service wire bushed frame, terminal block of 10pair, a tightening gasket, a cover, a safety chain and stainless steel bracket.

    Product Code Description
  • BL 0051 A DP, Wall 10Pair, with 2.5m stub cable
Main Distribution Frame (MDF)

Material: Mild Steel
Finish: Frames Fabricated from black steel are sandblasted and Polyurethane painted or powder coated
Mounting Frame: Used for the stable mounting of the functional elements and wire guides
The main distribution frame is distribution equipment for internal cable arrangement, its one side is connected with exchange inlet and another side is connected with exchange outlet.

    Product Code Description
  • MD 0002 A Main Distribution Frame with coating
Subscriber Terminal Block

Subscriber Terminal Block is used to connect between buried service wires or drop wire and subscribers service wire. Also known as BSW protector Installed outdoor on the customers premises.

  • Base plate
  • Lockable Cover
  • Screw type Termination
  • Earth Terminal
    Product Code Description
  • BL 0004 A DP, Subscriber Terminal Block
    (BSW) 2Pair
MDF Block

8 or 10-pair functional elements are fitted with double IDC contacts with and without a connection option for the MDF plug and with and without a protection option.
Wire guides with double channels guide the twisted wire pairs to the IDC contacts
Jumpering combs used to provide a clear overview of the wiring.

Protection Magazine
3-point protection magazine with 2-or 3-elecrode arresters
5-point protection magazine with 2-or-3- electrode arresters and ceramic or polymer PTC's

  • Termination Tool
  • Labeling sets (label holders, covers)
  • Label strips
  • Disconnection/dummy plugs
  • Marking caps
  • Cable cover
  • MDF plug
    Product Code Description
  • BL 0024 A Block MDF, 100 pair
  • BL 0137 A Block MDF, 200 pair
DP, Pillar

DP, Pillar accommodates the joint between the secondary cable and the terminal block stub cable/customer’s buried service wire.
Material: Mild Steel
Capacity: 10pair to 30pair (outdoor) available for screw type terminal block and IDC type terminal block
Finish: Hot Dip Galvanized – BS 729 Lower part of the main support is coated with a black bituminous coating

DP, Pillar Consists of
  • Main support
  • Top cover
  • Middle cover
  • Bottom cover
  • Lock & Key
  • Earth Clamp
  • Mounting Frame 10-30Pr (screw / IDC Optional)
  • Terminal Block (screw / IDC optional)
  • Sealing Gasket (optional)
  • Joint Kit (optional)
    Product Code Description
  • DP 0053 A DP, Pillar Screw Type - HDG
  • DP 0048 A DP, Pillar IDC Type – HDG
  • DP 0050 A DP, Pillar Aluminum (OMANTEL)
DP Indoor 50Pair Screw Type
    Product Code Description
  • DP 0043 A DP, Indoor 50Pair with Cable 6m
    (L) 335 x 195 x 50mm
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