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RTSM Protection of Lead Telephone Cable Splices

Corrosion protection and strain relief of lead jacketed telephone cable splices are provided by the ELFIT – RTSM heat-shrinkable wraparound system. Installation is fast and simple, only normal cleaning procedures for lead jackets and a standard jointer’s torch for shrinking the sleeve onto the splice area being needed.

    Product Code Discription
  • KI 0116 A :RTSM 43/8, Sleeve L=900
  • KI 0117 A :RTSM 75/15, Sleeve L=1200
  • KI 0118 A :RTSM 100/25, Sleeve L=1200
  • KI 0119 A RTSM 125/30, Sleeve L=1200
  • KI 0120 A RTSM 164/43, Sleeve L=1200
  • KI 0121 A RTSM 200/50, Sleeve L=1200
ELFIT - RHS 550 Kit Contents


  • Heat Shrinkable Sleeve
  • Aluminum Canister (2 half shells)
  • S.S. Channel with under clip if needed
  • Abrasive Strip
  • Desiccant (silica gel)
  • Aluminum Cable Foil
  • Cleaning Tissue
  • Bonding Gauge
  • Shield Continuity Wire
  • Aluminum Foil Laminated (optional)
  • Installation Instructions
  • Branch-off Kit

ELFIT - Branch-off Kit Contents


  • Branch-off Clip
  • Shield Continuity Clip
  • Connector
  • Cleaning Tissue
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Aluminum Cable Foil
  • Cleaning Tissue
  • Cable Tie
  • Abrasive Strip
Each Standard ELFIT Closure Kit Contains one branch-off-kit

Pure Lead Sleeve Closures

Made of pure lead sleeve used for cable jointing

    Product Code Inner Ø x Outer Ø x L x T
  • LE 0034 A 25 x 29 x 1000mm x 2mm
  • LE 0041 A 45 x 49 x 700mm x 2mm
  • LE 0045 A 65 x 69 x 1000mm x 2mm
  • LE 0004 A 100 x 106 x 1000mm x 3mm
  • LE 0010 A 120 x 126 x 1000mm x 3mm
  • LE 0017 A 150 x 158 x 1000mm x 3mm
  • LE 0021 A 160 x 168 x 1000mm x 4mm
  • LE 0025 A 170 x 178 x 1000mm x 4mm
  • LE 0030 A 180 x 190 x 700mm x 5mm
  • LE 0032 A 190 x 200 x 2000mm x 5mm
  • LE 0033 A 200 x 210 x 2000mm x 5mm
Dome Closure

Heat shrinkable radial distribution closures are reenterable dome and clamp closures with the ease of installation, speed and reliability. Accommodates main, looped cables of 20 to 100Paris. Additional capacity for up to 8 more cables from 2 to 20pairs which can be added at any time A flexible mounting bracket enables Dome to be fitted in footway boxes or on poles.

    Product Code Discription
  • CL 0175 A Dome Closure 100Pair
  • CL 0211 A Dome Closure 200Pair
Mechanical Closures


  • Access to splice area as often as required without the need of spare parts and consumables.
  • High-quality sealing material guarantees watertight encapsulation of the splice area.
  • Closure housing made of plastic which withstand high mechanical load.
  • Easy and fast installation without additional energy e.g. gas or electricity.
  • Re-opening and re-closing of the closure very simple to handle.
  • Reliable strain relief system integrated in end caps
  • No harmful substances are used.

    Product Code Discription
  • CL 0219 C Clousure, UC 3-5
  • CL 0220 C Clousure, UC 4-6
Compound, Splice Filling

Used to encapsulate and provide waterproof protection for underground buried, or aerial cable joints in non-pressurized or filled cables, such as CEF, CEFE and EEMS

    Product Code Description
  • CO 0018 A 500g Splice Filling Kit
  • CO 0014 A 1kg Splice Filling Kit
  • CO 0019 A 1.5 kg Splice Filling Kit
  • CO 0020 A 5 kg Splice Filling Kit
  • CO 0015 A 8 kg Splice Filling Kit
  • CO 0016 A 10kg Splice Filling Kit
  • CO 0017 A 15kg Splice Filling Kit
Ray Fort auxiliary Lead Sleeve (RLSS)

RLSS is a high performance heat-shrinkable wraparound sleeve, which provides a permanent bond between plastic cable jackets, and auxiliary lead sleeves used on lead splice closures. RLSS is suitable for buried and ducted applications. The composite material provides high mechanical strength and ease of installation in confined spaces. The adhesive coating is suitable for both lead and polyethylene substrates. RLSS available in 4sizes to suit all applications. Installation is effected using a standard jointer’s torch.

    Product Code Discription
  • KI 0150 A RLSS 45/08, Sleeve L=210
  • KI 0151 A RLSS 65/20, Sleeve L=250
  • KI 0152 A RLSS 95/30, Sleeve L=250
  • KI 0149 A RLSS 125/40, Sleeve L=330
Ray Fort Pressure Blocking System (RPBS)

RPBS forms a pressure block for the whole pressurized cable range. The sleeve incorporates glass fibre reinforced material ensuring high mechanical strength and simple installation. RPBS can be used on polyethylene or lead sheathed cables. Selection chart for single sheathed cables

    Product Code Discription
  • KI 0028 A RPBS 50/25-1 (S.O=150)
  • KI 0029 A RPBS 75/50-1 (S.O=200)
  • KI 0027 A RPBS 100/70-1 (S.O=250)
Jointing Kit Type 50

Type 50 Jointing kit is able to accommodate One 10mm OD secondary cable, with one 10Pair stub cable (min) Two 30mm OD secondary cables, with two 10Pair stub cables (max)

Closure Kit Consists

  • Closure Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer–EPDM
  • Protective Tape
  • Butyl Putty Tape
  • DR Tape
  • Electro Tape
  • Cable Tie
  • Terminal Block (optional)
  • Sealing Gasket (optional)

    Product Code Description
  • KI 0073 A Kit, Jointing Type 50
Jointing Kit for Ericsson Cabinet

  • Closure Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer–EPDM
  • Protective Tape
  • Butyl Putty Tape
  • DR Tape
  • Electro Tape
  • Cable Tie
  • Terminal Block (optional)
  • Sealing Gasket (optional)
Joint Kit Closure for Ericsson Cabinet Joint Protection

    Product Code Description
  • KI 0074 A Kit, Jointing Closure for Ericsson Cabinets
Epoxy Resin, Compound & Hardener

The Compound, Block Encapsulating is Composed of two Components an epoxy resin with a mixture of a filler, and a suitable setting agent or Hardener. The Compound is used to encapsulate and provide a pressure plug in air core stub cable terminations on various types of terminal block

    Product Code Description
  • CO 0006 A Compound, Epoxy Resin 1 Kg
  • CO 0008 A Compound, Epoxy Resin 0.5Kg
  • CO 0009 A Compound, Epoxy Resin 0.25 Kg
  • CO 0020 A 5 kg Splice Filling Kit
  • HA 0016 A Hardener 200g
  • HA 0017 A Hardener 100g
  • HA 0019 A Hardener 50g
ELFIT - RHS 550 Non-Pressurized Closure

RHS 550 utilize the latest state of art technology combining reinforced heat shrinkable polymers and high performance hot-melt adhesives to ensure reliable closure seal. RHS 550 Joint closures are the most advanced heatshrinkable closures available for the protection of cable joints in a telephone network Elfit Arabia has pioneered in supplying all the materials needed by the jointer to complete the closure in one kit. Various kits are avialable a for nonpressurized & pressurized cables, aerial, buried or ducted, non-filled or jelly filled, with lead or polyethylene sheaths.

  • Suitable for aerial, buried and ducted Applications
  • Composite material provides high mechanical strength
  • Range of closures to suit all cable sizes
  • Up to 3 cable out at each end
  • The T.I.M painted on the skin of Heat Shrinkable Closure Changes Colour, on heating
  • Two white lines are seen under channels
  • Using the reinforced heat shrinkable closure with aluminum layer prevents tearing during installation.
  • Simple kit components make installation fast and easy
  • No Special tool required
  • Can accomodate variety of cable diameters.
  • Suitable to apply on shaped or circular cables
  • Suitable for jointing, for any angle of incidence

ELFIT RHS 1000 Pressurized Closure

RHS 1000 Wraparound Closure Kit for Pressurized Cables

  • Glass fibre composite structure gives high split resistance
  • Few components, fast and easy installation
  • High “craft friendliness” enhanced by visual indicators for optimum installation
  • Approval for 4 cables in or out
  • Interchangeable air valve, air connector or low profile blanking screw
  • Lead or polyethylene jacketed cables
  • Can be used on single and double sheathed cables
  • Range of closures to suit all cable sizes
  • Hot-melt adhesive designed specifically for pressurized closure applications
RHS 1000 is the most advanced pressurized closure system available. It is based on a unique glass fibre reinforced heat-shrinkable composite material. This material offers extra ordinary mechanical and environmental protection. It reinforces split resistance during installation and has superior mechanical toughness. The closures have built-in visual indicators to ensure optimum installation under the most severe conditions.

RHS 1000 is quick and easy to install using only a standard gas torch. The closure is completely wraparound allowing it to be used for both new work and maintenance on ducted or direct buried cables with polyethylene, lead and aluminum sheathing up to 4800 pairs. Three fingered clips allow branching of up to four cables at each end. The kit also contains a range of fully interchangeable air fittings, which can be incorporated in the closure.

Jointing Kit Type 100

Type 100 Jointing kit is able to accommodate Two 30mm OD secondary cables, with one 10Pair cable (min) Two 45mm OD secondary cables, with two 10Pair stub cables (max)

Closure Kit Consists

  • Closure Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer–EPDM
  • Protective Tape
  • Butyl Putty Tape
  • DR Tape
  • Electro Tape
  • Cable Tie
  • Terminal Block (optional)
  • Sealing Gasket (optional)

    Product Code Description
  • KI 0072 A Kit, Jointing Type 100
C - Cement

Used as an adhesive coating when making pressure tight joints and connections on cable sheaths

    Product Code Description
  • CE 0001 A C – Cement 118ml
    Product Code Description
  • DE 0001 A Dessicant Powder 0.25Kg/can
  • DE 0002 A Dessicant Powder 1.00Kg/can
Vault Closure

The Vault Closure System is used for the distribution of telecommunication cables in telephone exchanges. Mechanical Strength and heat resistance are integrated by the reinforced heat shrinkable sleeve.


  • Metal canister provides extremely high mechanical load bearing capacity
  • Hot melt adhesive reliably seals the splice against humidity
  • Only 5 sizes are needed for any type of cable; capacity up to 2000 Pairs
  • Reopening of the splice area for testing and measuring possible
  • No special tools required

Product-Code VCKT Size Joint L Outer Ø Splice Prot Cable Ø Min Sleeve Length
KI 0148 A 90-3 510 85 30 650
KI 0144 A 125-6 510 120 35 850
KI 0145 A 125-9 740 120 35 1000
KI 0146 A 155-12 740 152 55 1000
KI 0147 A 205-20 740 196 65 1000
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