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Duct rods

Duct Rods main purpose is to for running cable draw ropes into ducts or along cable support structures. Duct rods provide a strong, lightweight, labour saving solution for installing cables into ducts or pipes. The various sizes of Duct Rods provided include 4.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 11mm and 14mm.

The duct rods consisting of sizes 4.5mm and 6mm as they are easy to carry and move around, are provided with a frame.

But the duct rods that have sizes of 9mm, 11mm and 14mm are relatively big in size and cannot be moved easily by hands, hence are provided with a wheeled case for better movement and maneuverability.

The following sizes and specifications and images of the duct rods are specified below:-

Duct Rod 4.5mm & 6mm
Duct Rod 4.5mmX50m(L)
Duct Rod 4.5mmX80m(L)
Duct Rod 6mmX50m(L)
Duct Rod 6mmX100m(L)
Duct Rod 9mm, 11mm & 14mm
Duct Rod 9mmX100m(L)
Duct Rod 9mmX200m(L)
Duct Rod 11mmX150m(L)
Duct Rod 11mmX300m(L)
Duct Rod 14mmX300m(L)
Duct Rod 14mmX500m(L)

NOTE : Various length of Duct Rods can be provided based on customers request.

Duct Accessories

The Duct Accessories mainly include those items that help in clearing away any obstacles inside of the duct and in easy movement of the cables while placing and moving along in them. The Accessories comprise of two items i.e. Mandrels and Lubricant.

Mandrels main function is to clear away the obstacles lying within the duct before the cables are placed and moved inside. The Mandrels are available in Steel finish, Nylon finish (provided in cylindrical and ball shape) and also as a Wire Brush (provided in Light Duty and Heavy Duty). The Mandrels have pulling eyes on each end so that they can be easily moved around to clean the ducts.

The Cable Pulling Lubricant is a slow drying wax based lubricant with superior friction reducing properties. This is especially recommended for long pulls, high shear situations, and multiple bend pulls. It leaves a lubricating film after its water has evaporated. Its properties include:-
- Clinging to cable through water
-Does not separate in extreme hot or cold temperatures
-Non-staining, slow drying

Duct Mandrel - Steel

Material is provided only in "Galvanised" form.

  • Mandrel, Duct Steel 95mm
  • Mandrel, Duct Steel 90mm
Duct Mandrel - Nylon

Material is provided with "Nylon"finish only. Can be provided both in "Cylindrical" or "Ball Type".

  • Mandrel, Duct Nylon Ball Type 90mm
  • Mandrel, Duct Nylon Cylindrical Type 90mm

  • Brush, Plastic Bristles 100mm Small
  • Brush, Plastic Bristles 110 mm - Big
  • Brush, Plastic Bristles 160 mm - Big
Cable Pulling Lubricant

  • Lubricant, WX-640 Polywater
  • Lubricant, MF-640 Polywater
NOTE - Mandrels (Steel, Nylon & Wire Brush) can be provided in other sizes as well as per customer's request.


Cutting tools are tools that have been designed to properly cut either wire or power cables with minimal damage to the insulation or internal conductors of the wiore or cables which can be armoured, braid or unarmoured.

Crimping Tools on the other hand is a device used to conjoin two pieces of metal by deforming one or both of them to hold each other.

We specialize in providing Manual as well as Hydraulic Cutting and Crimping Tools for wires of different sizes. While manual has been used widely as a traditional model, hydraulic tools have started to gain popularity, which is the reason we manufacture and supply both the types. Some Hydraulic tools may require to be functioned with either a Foot Pump or a Hand Pump, while others can be put to use without them.

All the tools are manufactured with utmost preciseness. Keeping safety as an important factor in mind, we give it enough materials so that the blades are not exposed and remain covered thereby giving the users the confidence to operate it. Our tools focus on giving the end results effective and efficient as well.

The various hydraulic and manual, cutting and crimping tools have been briefed below with specifications and images

COMMON TOOLS FOR HYDRAULIC CRIMPING TOOL (16-630 sq.mm) and HYDRAULIC CUTTING TOOL (120 sq.mm & 100 sq.mm – armoured cable)

Hydraulic & Mannual Crimping Tool

Hydraulic and Mannual Cutting Tool


The Duct Rod Accessories are primarily used in assisting Duct Rods for underground pulling applications. These Accessories are generally attached at the end of the duct rods to aid better pulling. The accessories include:-

Shackle Fitting - Fits into tapered head to provide a larger pulling loop for attaching the rope or pull line.

Mini Harness - Screws onto the threaded end, fitting to allow for easy wire attachment when pulling wire into conduit.

Flexible Leader - Helps guide the duct rod around bends, sweeps and duct misalignments.

Swivel Coupling - Connects two duct rods pushed into the conduit from the same end. Used when one length of duct rod is not enough for the full conduit run. Also used as a rotating swivel, when pulling wire or rope with the tapered head.

Starting Roller - Helps guide the duct rod around bends, sweeps and duct misalignments. Also used when the conduit is already occupied by other cables.

Tapered Head - Gets attached to the end, fitting on the duct rod guides the duct rod through the conduit and allows a pull line to be attached to the duct rod.

Shackle Fitting
  • Shackle Fitting 8mm
Mini Harness

  • Mini Harness 8mm
Flexible Leader

  • Flexible Leader 8mm
Swivel Coupling

  • Swivel Coupling 11mm
Starting Roller

  • Starting Roller 11mm
Tapered Head

  • Tapered Head 11mm
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