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Double Rubber Tape (DR)

Non-adhesive, self-bonding communications tape used for critical sealing and re-jacketing. A strong bond develops between both plies to maintain gas pressure in pressurized cables.

    Product Code Discription
  • TA 0039 A 20mmx1.1mm x 5m(L)
  • TA 0041 A 50mmx1.1mm x 5m(L)
  • TA 0040 A 38mmx1.1mm x 1m(L)
B – Sealing Tape

Soft, high-track, conductive butyl rubber compound with exceptional adhesive qualities provides a positive seal against moisture and gases. Primarily used to form end seals around telephone cable and splice case terminals.

    Product Code Discription
  • TA 0031 A 40mm x 3mm x 5m(L)
Cohesive Rubber Tape (CR)

Used for temporary splice coverings on communication and control cables. Maintains gas pressure in pressurized cable.

    Product Code Discription
  • TA 0037 A 714mm x 1.3mm x 6m(L)
    (28” x 0.050” x 20’)
  • TA 0036 A 912mm x 1.3mm x 6m(L)
    (36” x 0.050” x 20’)
Vinyl Mastic Tape (VM)

VM Tape seals out moisture and protects against corrosion without the need for heating tools. Two tapes in one (Vinyl and Mastic) – VM tape is especially designed for cable sheath repair, splice case and load coil case protection, auxiliary sleeve and cable rack end sealing, drop wire insulating, conduit repair and many other applications.

    Product Code Discription
  • TA 0058 A 38mm x 3mm x 0.5m(L)
Insulating Mastic Tape

A self-amalgamating, insulating mastic for insulating and sealing all types of overhead and direct buried electrical connections up to 600 volts. It has superior adhesion to metal, cable insulations and jackets with no adverse effect on polymeric conducting shields for water sealing duct work, cable ends, and all types of splices.

    Product Code Discription
  • TA 0107 A 95mm x 3.2mm x 3m(L)
Vinyl Tape

A 0.18mm all weather professional grade pressure sensitive vinyl tapes that is available in different color. Cold and weather resistant, flame retardant.

    Product Code Discription
  • TA 0066 A 19mm x 0.18mm x 9m(L)
    3/4” x 0.007” x 30’(L)
Water seal Mastic Tape

Self-amalgamating mechanical grade mastic used for sealing and waterproofing. Excellent adhesion to metals, cable insulations and jackets soft malleable nature makes water seal ideal for molding and conforming to irregular shapes.

    Product Code Description
  • TA 0109 A 95mm x 3.2mm x 5m(L)
Vinyl Pipe Wrap Tape

A corrosion protection, pressure sensitive vinyl tape giving complete environmental, mechanical and electrical protection for all types of pipe wrapping applications

    Product Code Discription
  • TA 0061 A 50mm x 0.25mm x 30m(L) 2” x 0.010” x 100’(L)
Aluminum Foil Tape

Provides an effective moisture barrier on communications cable splices. Also acts as a splicing shield to reduce cross talk and high frequency radiation. Aluminum foil with adhesive in tape form is usable for many applications

    Product Code Description
  • TA 0018 A 2” x 30 microns x 30 yard
  • TA 0011 A 4” x 30 microns x 30 yard
  • TA 0012 A 4” x 60 microns x 30 yard
BOPP Self Adhesive Tape

Ideal for carton sealing and stationery applications BOPP film coated with acrylic adhesive, printable and excellent weather resistant. Available in various shades

    Product Code Description
  • TA 0070 A 48mm x 50microns x 100yds
Thread Sealant Tape

Used as a pipe thread sealant. It permanently seals joints and provides lubricant so the joint can be opened with ease at a later date. This tape provides a leak proof seal that helps prevent cross threading and is unaffected by oils, hydraulic fluid and water.

    Product Code Description
  • TA 0018 A 12.8mm x 0.076mm x 6.6m
Masking Tape

Natural colored crepe paper coated with pressure sensitive synthetic rubber based adhesive. Used in variety of applications from general painting masking to packing.

    Product Code Description
  • TA 0051 A 1” x 15micron x 30 yard
  • TA 0050 A 2” x 15micron x 30 yard
PE & PVC Tape

The polyethylene and the polyvinyl chloride are electrically insulating tapes used in the construction of cable joints.

    Product Code Discription
  • TA 0064 A 25mm x 0.25mm x 25m(L)
  • TA 0062 A 25mm x 0.25mm x 50m(L)
  • TA 0065 A 50mm x 0.25mm x 25m(L)
  • TA 0063 A 50mm x 0.25mm x 50m(L)
Warning Tape - Yellow

The warning tape is a highly visible tape with specific elongation characteristics and black lettering, “WARNING TELEPHONE CABLES.” It is placed in the ground above buried telephone cables and service wires to provide warning to excavators of the presence of buried telephone cables. The warning tape has imprinted English and Arabic at approximately 1.5mtr intervals.

    Product Code Description
  • TA 0072 A 50mm x 0.5mm x 250m(L)
EZ – Wrap Tape

EZ Wrap is tough thin elastic vinyl material, which sticks to itself when wrapped in layers. It forms a compact, durable, flexible, moisture-proof covering. Protects wire groups, splice bundles and pulp and paper insulated wire.

    Product Code Description
  • TA 0045 A 100mm x 0.100mm x 10m(L)
  • TA 0044 A 100mm x 0.100mm x 15m(L)
  • TA 0046 A 100mm x 0.100mm x 30m(L)
  • TA 0047 A 100mm x 0.100mm x 50m(L)
Warning Tape – Red & White

Made of PE with red & white section lines, extremely resistant to tough weather conditions. Used for highlighting & marking hazardous areas

    Product Code Description
  • TA 0071 A 50mm x 0.075mm x 200m(L)
  • TA 0138 A 75mm x 0.075mm x 200m(L)
Bandage Rubber, Tape

The bandage rubber is a strip of non-adhesive natural rubber. Used for temporary protection over cable joints.

    Product Code Description
  • TA 0068 A 100mm x 1mm x 8m(L)
Reflective Warning Tape

Permanent adhesive tapes can be applied to most clean, dry surfaces. Stripes and checks provide best contrast for low-light situations. Use black and yellow for physical hazards, red and white for fire protection, black and white for traffic and housekeeping, and green and white for general marking applications. Reflective Engineer-grade, 7.0 mil thickness tapes are outdoorrated for 5 to 8 years. For use in low-light conditions or blackouts. Minimum application temperature: 65 DegreeF.

    Product Code Description
  • TA 0072 C Reflective Warning Tape
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