Cable locators

Pulling Eye, Shoring Jack & Reeling Machines

Power cable pulling eyes are designed to offer the shortest possible overall length to help, travel over sheaves and are manufactured from high strength Steel

    Product Code Description
    PU 0075 A : Cable Pulling Eye 89mm

Support cable laying on ceiling mounted cable trays comes with adjustable heights

    Product Code Description
    JA 0084 A : Shoring Jack with Double Corner Roller
    JA 0085 A : Shoring Jack with Draw Off Roller
    JA 0086 A : Shoring Jack with Manhole Triple Roller

C.Scope Cable Avoidance Tool is the classic, industry standard Cable Locator used to determine the exact location of buried cables prior to any form of excavation work taking place

    Product Code Description
    LO 0058 B Cable Avoidance Tool
    LO 0058 A Cable Avoidance Tool XD

C.Scope Signal Generators SG-A and SG-V are designed to operate with the Cable Avoidance Tool in a wide range of tracing applications. A 33kHz signal is applied to a cable and traced along its length with the Cable Avoidance Tool

    Product Code Description
    GE 0010 C Signal Generator SG-A
    GE 0010 B Signal Generator SG-V

Mobile Metal drum with light weight construction and big wheels for an easy handling of the cable in the field
Finish : Powder Coated

    Product Code Description
    CA 1381 A Wire Reeling Machine

Vehicle mounted trailer metal drum with light weight
construction and rotation mechanism for an easy
handling of the cable in the field
Finish : Powder Coated

    Product Code Description
    DR 0033 A Adjustable Wire Reeling Machine

Trailor cum Reeling machine

Reeling Machine

Reeling or Recoiling Machine, used to take off and recoil smaller quantities of cable from main drum of weight upto 1.5 Ton which is mounted on Cable Drum Jacks

    Technical Data : UT : RE 0030 A
    Payload : Ton : 1-1.5
    Reeling Speed : rpm : 40
    Cable Speed for Winding: m/min : 100
    Electric Motor : HP : 10
    Hydraulic Pump : cc : 18
    Lifting Arm : 2 Cylinder
    Reading Counter : m : Analog
    Drum Diameter Max : mm : 750
    Drum Width Max : mm : 900
    Spindle Diameter : mm : 60 - Solid
    Overall Lemgth : mm : 1850
    Overall Width : mm : 1820
    Overall Height : mm : 1360
    Tyres : 4 Wheels with Brake Locker
    Finish : RAL 2004

Trailer cum Reeling Machine

Trailer cum Reeling Machine is used to rewind/wind the cable from main Cable Drum of weight upto 10 Ton which is generally mounted on Cable Drum Jacks. It has digital length selector, which will select any length which is required to be recoiled and also the machine can lay off the cable using hydraulic motor and engine, provided it is towed to a 4WD and moved over the trench

    Technical Data : RE 0031 A
    Payload : 10 ton
    Speed : 30 km/h
    Dead Weight : 1600 kg
    Total Weight : 11600 kg
    Coupling Height : 820 mm Adjustable
    Towing Eye : 54
    Drum Dia(Max & Min) : 3000 mm
    Drum Width Maximum : 2000 mm
    Clear Width : 2300 mm
    Spindle : 90 mm
    Length : 4150 mm
    Width : 3640 mm
    Height : 2100 mm
    Tyre : 10R20 20PR
    Engine : Air Cooled - 40HP
    Recorder Counter : HMI-Winding & Rewinding length measurement
    Finish : Powder Coated RAL 2004